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Colorado Mediation Center Services

http://www.mediationnow.com/cmc/images/small%20blue%20arrow.gif Arbitration

The CMC Arbitrator serves as an impartial third party to make decisions and issue awards based on witness testimony and/or written submissions by the parties. Parties must all agree to participate in Arbitration. The Arbitration may be binding or non-binding depending upon the parties’ agreement.

Arbitration is often desirable when parties:

  • cannot negotiate a solution on their own or through mediation
  • want to choose the person who makes decisions about their case
  • desire a process which less formal and/or more simple than a court proceeding
  • wish to resolve issues more quickly than going through the court process

http://www.mediationnow.com/cmc/images/small%20blue%20arrow.gif Coaching

CMC offers advice, guidance, and support to clients who need assistance in managing conflict or who are preparing to participate in formal or informal negotiation, litigation or other dispute resolution processes.

CMC provides conflict coaching to support individuals who are experiencing conflict with another person.

http://www.mediationnow.com/cmc/images/small%20blue%20arrow.gif Consulting

CMC offers subject matter expertise in advising, guiding, and supporting clients in their preparation for negotiation, litigation, or other dispute resolution processes. After meeting with you to assess your needs, CMC may engage other experts as appropriate to provide effective services.

http://www.mediationnow.com/cmc/images/small%20blue%20arrow.gif Decision-Making

CMC's Decision-Maker can be appointed by the Court to resolve disputes between the parties as to implementation or clarification of existing orders concerning the parties' minor or dependent children, including but not limited to disputes concerning parenting time, specific disputed parental decisions, and child support. The Decision-Maker has authority to make binding determinations to implement or clarify the provisions of a pre-existing court order in a manner that is consistent with the substantive intent of the court order.

http://www.mediationnow.com/cmc/images/small%20blue%20arrow.gif Environmental Case Evaluation

The CMC Case Evaluator will serve as an impartial third party to review the evidence and parties' positions and then provide an evaluation of the merits of the case. CMC typically provides this service only in environmental and energy matters.

http://www.mediationnow.com/cmc/images/small%20blue%20arrow.gif Facilitation

The CMC Facilitator will guide your group through meetings or other discussions by helping participants identify issues and goals and develop strategies to address the issues and meet the goals. Preliminary planning meetings and/or interviews are typically part of this process.

The CMC facilitator also facilitates structured dialogue sessions for diverse individuals, private groups, and/or community groups about controversial issues.

http://www.mediationnow.com/cmc/images/small%20blue%20arrow.gif Mediation

The CMC Mediator will serve as an impartial third party to help you resolve your own disputes or difficult issues voluntarily and amicably. Parties may agree to participate in mediation whether or not there is ongoing litigation. If you are involved in litigation, the Court may order you to participate in mediation. The mediation process is confidential unless all the parties and the Mediator agree otherwise. Even when mediation is court-ordered, the mediation process in voluntary in the sense that the mediator does not make decisions for the parties. Written agreements reached by the parties during mediation can be enforced by the courts or, in the case of divorce or post divorce, adopted as court orders.

Mediation is especially helpful when parties want to:

  • Avoid high costs and time delays of ignoring or litigating conflict
  • Open lines of communication
  • Discuss difficult issues in a safe and neutral environment
  • Focus on real needs and interests
  • Develop creative solutions
  • Reach their own agreement without letting a judge decide for them
  • Repair damaged relationships
  • Preserve assets
  • Promote positive feelings and reduce negative ones. This is especially important when you need to continue a relationship with the other party, if children are involved, and/or long-term planning is required

http://www.mediationnow.com/cmc/images/small%20blue%20arrow.gif Mediation - Arbitration

The CMC Med-Arbiter will serve as an impartial third party to help you resolve your own disputes or difficult issues. However, if you are unable to reach agreement about issues specifically identified in the Mediation-Arbitration Agreement through the mediation process, the Med-Arbiter will make binding decisions about those specific issues according to the process specified in the Mediation-Arbitration Agreement and will prepare a written award for submission to the Court if appropriate. Parties must all agree to participate in Mediation-Arbitration.

http://www.mediationnow.com/cmc/images/small%20blue%20arrow.gif Collaborative Divorce Facilitation


http://www.mediationnow.com/cmc/images/small%20blue%20arrow.gif Training (click here for more information)

CMC provides standard or customized workshops and training programs relating to communications, negotiation, conflict resolution and management, Myers Briggs Type Indicator®* and teambuilding.

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