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Colorado Mediation Center

Is Conflict Affecting your Bottom Line?

  • Are personality clashes or differences in personal style causing disagreements or strained relationships?
  • Are individuals or team members arguing about focus or approach in handling projects or problems?
  • Do individuals or teams have difficulty coordinating their work efforts or become locked in competition with each other?
  • Do meetings often tend to be long and unproductive?
  • Is there more quantity than quality of communication?
  • Is transmission of information within your business or with your customers often inefficient or misunderstood?
  • Are lines of communication complicated or ineffective? Do people who need to communicate directly with each other often have trouble doing so?

We offer the following services and tools to help you resolve these problems: Workplace Assessment, Mediation, Facilitation, MBTI� Workshops and Teambuilding Programs, Communication Skills Training; Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument; FIRO-B; Managing Conflict Training.�

Workplace Assessment

CMC will work with you to identify the root causes of workplace conflict and will make recommendations as to appropriate interventions.


What Kinds of Workplace Issues Can Be Mediated? Mediation may be appropriate for almost any type of workplace conflict, especially those involving relationships. 

When to Mediate? The sooner the better! Early intervention can prevent workplace problems from escalating into expensive and emotionally draining crises. Early resolution of communication and interpersonal conflicts can preserve long-term relationships.

Facilitation. The CMC Facilitator will guide groups through a process specifically created to help them identify strategies for achieving common goals.  For information about Facilitation click here.

Managing Conflict Training.  Participants will learn about managing workplace conflict using any combination of other training programs appropriate to the specific needs of the organization.  For more information about Managing Conflict Training, click here.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, MBTI® Team Building Programs.  A trained professional will administer, interpret, and apply the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to help groups identify and use knowledge of individual personalities to improve group performance.   For more information, about the MBTI and MBTI training programs click here

Communications Skills Training.  Participants develop interpersonal and organizational communication skills that help individuals and groups understand and work with each other.  For information about Communications training click here.

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument. Participants will be introduced to five different approaches to conflict and will learn how to choose the approach that will be most productive in different situations.  For information about Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument Training click here.

FIRO-B® Instrument. Individual participants learn to maximize personal effectiveness by increasing self understanding in a number of important areas, including handling of interpersonal relationships, social needs, how they are perceived by others and how they perceive others. For organizations, it provides leadership, team role and effectiveness information, with suggested guidelines for improvement.   For information about FIRO-B® Instrument Training click here.

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